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- You have taken the first step to increasing your income -


Dream Big!

Vacations, additions to your house, new cars, boats, or just more savings, are these things you've put in the back of your mind. If you run out of money before you run out of month, maybe additional income can help.

This opportunity is based on your earning revenue on every product sold in a given geographical area regardless of who brings the purchase to us. You choose an area to work and pay a small monthly fee. This gives you the right to earn commission based on which area/territory you've chosen. You've heard of all the money being made on the Internet, now is your chance to participate. 20% commission is paid for simply helping people get healthy. You also have a chance to earn outside your area. If someone outside you chosen area buys the product based on your recommendation, then you receive a 10% commission based on those sales.

The amount of work you need to do and the amount of reward is driven by your desire. You can just chose a zip code and talk to a few people, or you could pass out the flyers we provide you with or post them on community bulletin boards, you could give presentations at health conferences or at retirement communities, you could attend flea markets, or you could do newspaper or radio advertising in your area.

Itís all up to you. We provide the tools you need and you provide the elbow grease. Nothing is more satisfying in life than helping people. Imagine being able to help people regain their health and being able to make money at the same time.

This is not MLM and this is not a lottery; it is based on individual effort. If you want to choose a large area and bring in people to help you, it's up to you. The only thing we require you do is sign up and make a good faith effort to work your area.

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